student loan refinancing

Student loan borrowers are increasingly likely to default as they age, according to the report. In 2015, 37% of federal student
Whether your student loan debt is paralyzing or just a pain, it's possible to ease your burden so you can buy a home, have
6. Rent out your car or parking space Owning a car might be unavoidable, but on days when you're not using yours, you can
Before you decide to refinance, consider all options that could affect how you manage your debt: Consolidation When you consolidate
This article originally appeared on NerdWallet. That's because borrowers in certain careers are especially good candidates
If you've heard common student-loan horror stories, you might think that borrowing for school will leave you owing six figures
If you've ever considered student loan consolidation or refinancing, it'll be worth your time. Those terms are often conflated and confused, so we want to set the record straight.
After you're accepted, the lender will pay off existing loans you choose to refinance and issue you a new one. Going forward
This article originally appeared on NerdWallet. It may be the least flashy option, but it's also the easiest. The standard
Next steps If your state doesn't yet have a program in place, student loan refinancing is an option through a private lender