Aaron and Melissa Klein find humor in their homophobia.
The bakers refused to do so for months.
The cakes say "We really do love you!" and come packaged with a Christian film.
The actress argued with Symone on "The View" about a bakery that refused to serve a lesbian couple.
Here's how a "virtual cupcake" can support homeless LGBTQ youth.
Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer break their silence on the 2013 case that launched a national debate over LGBT rights.
Aaron and Melissa Klein have misrepresented the essential teaching of the Christian church. Our greatest commandment is to love our neighbors and to love God. You cannot achieve that faithfully when you place a "gays not welcome" sign in your window.
Why has American Christianity become known for the pain it causes? Let American Christianity stop being known as a religion that hurts, as a faith focused on what we're against, and instead let them know we are Christians by our love.