Syria conflict

Many analysts have presented an economic explanation for this escalation of hostilities. In particular, numerous reports
The challenges in Syria bring us face to face with perennial questions about American foreign policy: What should our role be in international affairs? Do we have the capacity to intervene decisively in the world's trouble spots? If we have the capacity, do we have the will?
Both before and during the aerial bombardment of Taleban strongholds, I conducted phone interviews in Dari with fixed line
So far, so good. The only problem is the definition of "al-Nusra targets". ISIS have done a reasonably good job of distinguishing
When I met Amr for the first time in Amsterdam, it was almost two years to the day, after that fateful morning on the boat. He was on a different boat this time -- a friend's houseboat in Amsterdam. And it was pride weekend.
For the last two days I have come across yet another picture that has shattered by otherwise routine weekend agenda of being completely consumed in making up to my three-year-old daughter for a week of daytime absence.
My article is not intended to teach anything you already know but to motivate you to take actions. Syria is living under the horrors of war for 4 years and civilians are the main casualties especially children.
A similar development is evident in Jordanian universities where sports clubs and dormitories have become favoured IS hunting
The beheading of a child and use of poison gas in Syria ought to awaken Obama and Putin to the dangers of sticking with their chosen allies. But it won't happen.
In fact, nowhere is the jihadists' convoluted love-hate relationship with soccer more evident than in the contradictory policies