taco bell meat

If you've ever wondered what all those unpronounceable ingredients are, Taco Bell is here to tell you. Sort of.
McDonald's, Burger King, Wendy's, Taco Bell -- which one are you craving today? It's pretty likely that you have a favorite fast food chain and that you love many of the tasty options offered at these restaurants.
What's a McDonald's burger look like after it's been in someone's pocket or 14 years? You'd be surprised.
Still, the company couldn't ignore the case after it made headlines and quickly spread online. Associated Press: Taco Bell
The full list of ingredients in "Taco Meat Filling" is below. Water Isolated oat product Salt Chili pepper Onion powder Tomato
In an official statement from Taco Bell, its President and Chief Concept Officer Greg Creed fires back at the suit's lawyers