Takashi Murakami

Photo by EMS. Photo by EMS. ComplexCon rolled out for its first ever weekend expo on November 5-6 in the Long Beach Convention
“Kanye was an artist as a kid,” notes Mills, remembering the bond that West and Murakami formed when they met. “Kanye’s number
With global communication enabled as never before, in the digital age collectors, curators, and artists have unprecedented reach, but there's nothing like seeing the work in person. So, in October, it converges in London: the world's art in one city.
One can hope that through special exhibitions and new acquisitions (it estimates that it averages one new acquisition a week), The Broad will discover, and embrace, its obligation to the public to truly represent the art of our time.
Takashi Murakami's debut film is no art house flick -- and it doesn't mean to be.
This is a real "watch this, not that," segment this time. Self/less was the "serious" opening last weekend -- directed by overt stylist Tarsem Singh, starring Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley -- and the worst sin that could be leveled at it was that it was kind of stoopid.
Five years into it, The Brooklyn Artists Ball has become a glittering spectacle that speaks to the traditional, the contemporary and the beat on the street.
The proliferation of these cheap household items and the circumstances propelling their arrival turned junkyards into archeological
In the gallery's smaller halls, more cross-breeding awaits. Large canvases gleam with the bright colors of the Superflat
Does religion exist at all in today's art world? Yes, but most often as documentary or anthropological art about religion. It's also been said that contemporary art viewing experiences are similar to traditional religious experiences.
Non-profit SITE Santa Fe has caught the attention of the global art world since its inception in 1995 for its series of innovative biennials that have included top contemporary artists from around the world.
If you love to explore or collect art and happen to be in NYC this summer, a private tour of Waterfall Mansion should be a priority.
Murakami tells Vice that this time around, Pharrell limited his visual input to "the outfit his character wears." Which is
The pure bizarreness of vision is something to behold: giant multi-rainbow-eyed worms, floating fungi, and anime princesses fighting what appear to be demented, sinister Pokemon. Basically, vintage Murakami.
Every time I look at the work of Takashi Murakami, I see both the super cute, charming surfaces for which Japan is rightly famous and all the demons that peek out behind them. He dreams up lovable blobs and dolls and oversized cuties to ask his compatriots what might be the cost of holding onto such childish things.
Like the rest of the local kids, Masashi befriends one of these creatures -- known as FRIENDS -- a flying jellyfish he names
That being said, the curated art toys don't need to be in a museum setting to qualify as art. Anyone who's ever seen the
Whether a beginner or a seasoned pro, there is something of interest on this list that will offer revelation into the inner workings of the art world, helping to keep the acquisition process about excitement, rather than the stress of negotiation.