The Real L Word

Showtime’s canceled reality show gives me a sense of queer community that I don’t think I’ll ever experience in real life
I approached Homoground founder Lynn Casper over the summer to help fill the gap in what I saw was a lack of LGBTQ representation in what's always been such a great week to check out new artists.
I've had my heart broken a bunch of times. To be fair, I'm sure I've bruised a few hearts as well. Love can be confusing, and it's hard to know if what you're feeling is really real.
Brandiilyne had just updated her Facebook page to vent about a 20-page paper she had just been assigned in school. In fact, she was completely overwhelmed with back to school and her many other ventures. She was so busy in fact, that she almost missed the most important Facebook post of her life.
"The Real L Word" star Romi Klinger said she was worried about encountering social hostility before she came out as bisexual
I broke my interviewing cherry with Kiyomi McCloskey from Hunter Valentine. I decided to just talk to Kiyomi -- and, of course, ask questions that I thought people who read my blog would be interested in: things about beer, fashion, travel, dating, and being butch.
"Until you've developed that kind of safe zone and trust with someone and they're considered your friend ... keep business
Somer's gutsy performance style and authenticity led to her being cast on The Real L Word, where the lesbian community got to know her as relatable and uncompromising. Now she's started a new music project, Clinical Trials, inspired by Nirvana and Patti Smith.
“I knew I would never be able to represent lesbians or lesbian lives. I knew that my only responsibility was to make the
Golde, the lesbian newbie seen on Season Two of Showtime's "The Real L-Word," has also been producing music videos since
Season two, "Real L Word" star Saj Golde has just produced a new music video. The clip, titled "Falling In Love" and performed
Jennifer Beals is headed to Venice. Sadie Calvano is on board for "Mom." Calvano will play Christy's (Anna Faris) daughter
Season 3 of The Real L Word followed a group of lesbians as they navigated sex, relationships and binge drinking on both coasts. Arguably the hottest is Lauren Bedford Russell, a jewelry designer whose brand, Lyon, has become popular with the young Hollywood crowd.
Lesbian rock band Hunter Valentine are currently on their North American tour after starring in Season 3 of Showtime's hit reality series The Real L Word. This week I talked with the ladies about the show, the new album and their spin on LGBT issues.
Around late December, The Real L Word contacted us about being on the show. This seemed completely surreal at the time. Like someone was playing a weird lesbian trick on us. Did we have aspirations to become the next celesbian reality stars? Hell no!
You once said of your work with "The L Word": "I rail against the idea that pop television is a political medium. I'm not
That's how "The Real L Word" star Romi Klinger describes the societal challenges of identifying as bisexual in this exclusive
Romi Klinger from Showtime's "The Real L Word" discusses bisexuality
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