The Washington Times

In a now-deleted tweet, Tim Murtaugh tried to mock the media with a doctored photo purporting to show a "President Gore" headline from 2000.
The Washington Times was shredded on Twitter for writing about the Democratic lawmaker's hair and proving it does not know how much women's haircuts cost.
Trump had a bad week, the former judge wrote in a column.
Right-wing media spread the conspiracy theory that the slain DNC staffer was connected to the leaked DNC emails.
For those folks in the gun violence prevention (GVP) movement who have been lamenting the pro-gun attitudes of the Oval Office
Charles Hurt attacks Jimmy Kimmel’s recent monologue opposing Donald Trump’s attempts to cut off funding for health care
Some said it could never be done. Ever. But it’s done. The Washington Times announced Wednesday it achieved in September
In reading a recent piece in The Washington Times, you might think that Texas Gov. Rick Perry -- he of the hip new eyeglasses -- is deeper than his gun-toting persona would lead you to believe.
"It annoys the hell out of me," Paul told The National Review on Wednesday, refusing to acknowledge wrongdoing. "I feel like
The Washington Times put an end to Sen. Rand Paul's (R-Ky.) weekly column on Tuesday following a number of plagiarism charges against his written and oral works.