town hall

The former UN ambassador said "rightly or wrongly, chaos follows" the former president.
The former president was confronted by a DeSantis supporter at the Fox News town hall and tried to spin his way out of it.
"I would have dropped the mic at 'nasty person' but then that's me," Amanpour said of Donald Trump's dig at moderator Kaitlan Collins.
The former president can't let go of his town hall tussle with the moderator.
The former president outlandishly denied pressuring a Georgia official to "find" votes despite the audio evidence.
Former President Donald Trump is returning to CNN’s airwaves, joining the network for a town hall in New Hampshire a day after a civil jury found him liable for sexually assaulting an advice columnist nearly three decades ago.
CNN says former President Donald Trump will participate in a town hall forum next week from New Hampshire.
President Joe Biden offered an optimistic estimated timeline for Americans to move past the coronavirus pandemic.
The president and the Democratic nominee held events at the same time after Trump refused to debate virtually.
During an NBC News town hall, President Donald Trump again declined to denounce the far-right conspiracy QAnon.