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The senator and presidential contender spoke at a Fox News town hall event about sexism in the 2020 election.
The Vermont senator and 2020 presidential candidate spoke at a town hall Monday hosted by Fox News.
The likely 2020 presidential candidate is daring TV networks to finally cover climate change.
Cruz's campaign manager says the Republican offered to appear in a debate, but was "unable to participate" in the town hall.
Dean Heller’s staff emphasized he was one of the first Republicans to oppose family separations.
At a town hall meeting in Johannesburg, South Africa, President Obama called on women to take more positions of power.
The Vermont senator hopes to build on the success of a widely viewed “Medicare for all” session.
"Our kids have started a revolution," one teacher says at emotional town hall.
Bill Cosby’s reps say the comedian will be hosting town hall meetings to educate young people on what constitutes sexual assault.
The suspect beat on GOP Rep. David Kustoff's car and cursed him out, police say.
"If the health care is destroyed, do the rich get a tax cut? Yes or no?"
"You have been the single greatest threat to my family in the entire world," one man told Rep. Tom MacArthur (R-NJ). The GOP congressman, who helped push the Obamacare repeal effort forward, attended a four-hour town hall where he came face-to-face with constituents who may lose their health care due to the American Health Care Act.
Rep. Tom MacArthur’s faced questions and jeering from his constituents at a four hour town hall.
“You voted for this bill in a rush. There were no committee hearings. This is my life."
At town halls, angry constituents confronted GOPers over health care and other issues.