The infectious disease expert said he expects the incoming president will want him to continue advising the White House on the coronavirus pandemic.
The CNN host said Trump will forever be remembered as a viciously divisive demagogue "who lied about a pandemic to suit his own interest."
Sen. James Lankford made headlines when he vowed to "step in" if the president-elect wasn't granted access to classified briefings by the end of last week.
The president-elect said wearing a mask is "patriotic" and discussed his need to access President Donald Trump's COVID-19 vaccine distribution plans.
The president-elect's aides are already looking at potential nominees for the federal bench, in a sign that he is taking the courts seriously.
Bush graciously did "all he could" to ease the transition between administrations, Obama wrote in "A Promised Land."
Arte Trans spotlights trans people and their stories.
There are legal and medical hurdles that transgender people must overcome to change the gender on their birth certificate and other documents.