LV: In many ways The Snake in the Vodka Bottle is a translation in the sense that I conducted interviews in Lithuanian and
Mon Dieu, la Belgique
"Having lived through certain situations in the past doesn't desensitize you. Instead, you empathize more with others."
So where do we all stand? François Hollande announced that France is at war and has called for an international coalition to fight against ISIS with the goal of "destroying terrorism." So do we finally have the response that we have been waiting for since the first few hours after the attack in Paris: a coordinated deployment of international troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS? Not exactly. After everything, there still is not an existing, international political coalition to intervene in Syria. Ironically, the root of this nightmare in Syria is the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran: two countries that no Western nation, including Russia, can afford to alienate.
While the president, despite being nearly 25 years younger, has now begun his downward trajectory, striving for a turnaround that might brighten his sunset, the elderly pontiff continues his masterly rise, armed with a Jesuit shrewdness that keeps him from making mistakes.
This is probably the greatest domestic challenge of the coming years, especially for Europe, which is currently failing to respond. It is an absolute shame that many countries in the European Union only want to receive a very small number of refugees, or none at all.
“My greatest wish is to stand on my own two feet. But that’s also precisely the biggest problem: the fact that we need assistance
This proverb motivated a young Omani man, Sultan Al-Subhi, 22, to create a pioneering robot that one day may become a staple
When the opportunity to transfer from Mothers’ Allowance to Mincome came along, the woman took it. With no restrictions on
Flooding in Morocco, 8 deaths, 24 missing Flash floods in the #Ouarzazate region, the wadis and fields are flooded. Exclusive