LK: You traveled extensively throughout Lithuania's provinces and cities collecting oral histories, which resulted in the
Considering today's attacks as simply a hot-headed vendetta for the capture of Salah Abdeslam does not help us get a grip on the size of the monster that Belgium has let grow and expand inside its borders.
"Having lived through certain situations in the past doesn't desensitize you. Instead, you empathize more with others."
So where do we all stand? François Hollande announced that France is at war and has called for an international coalition to fight against ISIS with the goal of "destroying terrorism." So do we finally have the response that we have been waiting for since the first few hours after the attack in Paris: a coordinated deployment of international troops to Syria and Iraq to fight ISIS? Not exactly. After everything, there still is not an existing, international political coalition to intervene in Syria. Ironically, the root of this nightmare in Syria is the conflict between Saudi Arabia and Iran: two countries that no Western nation, including Russia, can afford to alienate.
While the president, despite being nearly 25 years younger, has now begun his downward trajectory, striving for a turnaround that might brighten his sunset, the elderly pontiff continues his masterly rise, armed with a Jesuit shrewdness that keeps him from making mistakes.
This is probably the greatest domestic challenge of the coming years, especially for Europe, which is currently failing to respond. It is an absolute shame that many countries in the European Union only want to receive a very small number of refugees, or none at all.
Photo: Christoph Asche Said from Afghanistan Yaya from Senegal Photo: Christoph Asche Photo: Christoph Asche “In Senegal
The Omani inventor transformed his vision into an award-winning science project in the Stars of Science competition, an initiative
So in 1979, it was business as usual again. After Mincome folded, people tapped into their prairie work ethic and looked
Images of the deadly flooding were posted to social media. Take a look at these photos from the ongoing tragedy: Exclusive
The alleged spying on behalf of the NSA by an employee of Germany's intelligence agency and the transmission of state secrets and classified information to the CIA provide troubling evidence of the American intelligence community's terrible activities against democratic institutions in Germany.
It doesn't matter how great your job is if you don't want it. If you are too stressed, then you should quit. It is your life. Why care about the opinions of others? Go to work tomorrow morning and say "goodbye."
In its present form, the EU is weak, particularly because it lacks the necessary competence in foreign policy and because its bloated bureaucracy causes it to stand in its own way. What is needed, therefore, is a reform of the EU as soon as possible.
Here in the United States, we seem to be conversing mostly with ourselves, with only 3 percent of what's published coming from other languages and cultures. Americans are missing out on a lot.
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Sean Hannity said that Sarah Palin was "absolutely qualified to be Commander In Chief." What was he really thinking? "If this ditz is ever Commander In Chief I could conceivably run for President myself."