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London transport regulators say unauthorized drivers were fraudulently using accounts. Uber can continue operating pending the appeal process.
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The city says the ride-share app has demonstrated a "lack of corporate responsibility."
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"We want everyone to feel welcome on our transport network."
MTA announced a new campaign to make oblivious passengers get up.
Lobbyists for Volkswagen, Daimler and BMW - as well as VDA and ACEA, the German and European automobile associations - have
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They've replaced traditional signs in London's Trafalgar Square.
The key is getting people to actually agree to it.
While women should feel encouraged to speak up when they feel uncomfortable, they shouldn't be the only ones reporting unwanted
Keen on promoting the walking and cycling options the city has to offer, Transport for London teamed up with Recyclebank to launch re:route, an app that rewards Londoners for walking and cycling.