Trump tax returns

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The president won a court ruling that allows him to continue to withhold his tax returns, at least for now.
The court's conservatives have done more than the powerful Massachusetts Democrat to bring Trump’s tax returns to light, according to Alex Morse.
The court's decision in Trump v. Mazars could change how Congress can investigate the president.
The conservative movement has used Trump’s scandals to advance a radical theory of power.
The president's legal team has until next month to formally request a hearing on the case over his financial records.
The president's refusal to release those financial documents has dogged him for years.
William Consovoy, Trump's attorney, told a federal appeals court panel that the president can't be indicted while still in office.
The former vice president and 2020 candidate accused the president of "running the most corrupt government in the history of the United States of America."
Sen. Chris Murphy's push for such an amendment stems from concern over President Trump's business interests in Turkey.