Trump tax returns

The newspaper published a Pulitzer-winning series in 2018 about Trump's long history of dodgy tax schemes.
The "Tonight Show" host discussed reports of Trump's hairy tax situation.
The president made more than $427 million from his role on “The Apprentice," which helped him rebrand as a business mogul despite years of financial failures.
He could be manipulated to sway U.S. policy by organizations or individuals he’s indebted to.
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The president won a court ruling that allows him to continue to withhold his tax returns, at least for now.
The court's conservatives have done more than the powerful Massachusetts Democrat to bring Trump’s tax returns to light, according to Alex Morse.
The court's decision in Trump v. Mazars could change how Congress can investigate the president.
The conservative movement has used Trump’s scandals to advance a radical theory of power.
The president's legal team has until next month to formally request a hearing on the case over his financial records.