U.S. Army

Maj. Harrison Mann's letter criticized the U.S. for still supporting Israel, "which has enabled and empowered the killing and starvation" of Palestinians.
Trump’s claim of blanket immunity from prosecution is “an assault” on the military's “foundational commitments” to the rule of law, the officials said.
The Austin-based festival lamented “the situation in the Middle East” but stuck by its partners.
The GOP Alabama senator's "corrosive" block of military promotions is unjust for military families and is "putting our national security at risk," the Army, Navy and Air Force leaders wrote in The Washington Post.
Eighty years later, English villagers are remembering a racist row between Black and white American soldiers.
The military is in the process of replacing a number of names and monuments honoring Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee.
Soldiers entered the man's room Tuesday night and reportedly handcuffed and interrogated him in the bathroom.
The Army did away with airing ads featuring the "Creed III" actor after his arrest on Saturday.
The photo shows the Republican, who is running for Pennsylvania governor, was the only person in a group of faculty members to wear a Confederate uniform.
Brig. Gen. Paul Stanton, the commander of Fort Gordon, confirmed the "terrible tragedy."