U.S. Army

When Kenyon Parker served in World War II, the Army was segregated. He and other black soldiers were denied guns, had separate facilities and were often forced into behind-the-line jobs of servitude.
Sgt. 1st Class Ikaika Kang admitted to providing secret military information, a drone meant to track U.S. troops and other support to undercover agents he believed were members of the terrorist organization.
The U.S. Army is discharging some immigrants who enlisted in the military based on the promise of U.S. citizenship despite their useful language and medical skills.
Plans are underway at the Pentagon to put on military parade for President Trump.
Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling characterized Trump's call to troops as "off-kilter."
Niger villagers recount finding Johnson's body with a large head wound.
Donald Trump is under renewed criticism for his response to the deaths of four green berets, killed by ISIS in Niger. He’s now alleged to have told one of their grieving widows it was “what he signed up for”.
President Trump signed a memo to ban transgender people from enlisting in the military. Here are the details.
Two transgender veterans explain why President Donald Trump’s plans to ban trans personnel from serving in the U.S. military is dangerous not only for trans troops, but also combat effectiveness.
President Trump has announced he’s reversing the Pentagon’s 2016 decision to allow trans people to serve in the U.S. military.
Inside the borough's latest move to honor two key figures who fought to uphold the institution of slavery.
South Korea has overwhelmingly elected Moon Jae-in to be the country’s next president. But the liberal is seeking to improve relations with North Korea, which could put the country at odds with its American allies.
“It disappeared behind the tree line, and then we heard a big bang,” a witness said.
Once again, the big money goes for the fancy weapons, while the troops carry old rifles.