u.s. preventive services task force

While TB no longer takes the toll on Americans that it once did, until the disease is eliminated, it still holds the potential to seriously impact thousands of lives and total millions or even billions in healthcare and societal costs over time.
The new guidelines focus on the dangers of overtreatment.
That is, assuming patients still go to the doctor's office at all. Recently, bioethicist and physician (and no stranger to
The new USPSTF score of an "A" for HIV testing means that there is now broad public health consensus that HIV screening should now be as routine as blood pressure screening for Americans.
The updated advice from the Preventive Services Task Force about obesity screening harbors good, bad, and a bit of the downright silly.
Still, some doctors believe that vitamin D and calcium may be useful to help prevent bone fracture, though at higher doses
Health care is nothing like cell phones, or any of the other things that "might" come in handy during some future emergency: a bulletproof vest, a car, a ladder, a fire extinguisher, a helicopter, a Hazmat suit, a gas mask, a tank, etc. Truly, about the worst analogy I've ever heard.
Burned by the experience with mammograms, the task force is looking for a better way to deliver the message, consulting with
One of the most important things to come out of this current debate is that these types of global directives force every
Schwarzenegger and the California Department of Public Health have embraced the holiday season with a new set of proposed rules that will abandon low-income women.
How did mammography guidelines end up in the middle of a political discussion? It was the timing, of course. The conclusions were immediately plunged into a partisan, political dispute.
The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended this week that women in their 40s not get a mammogram. Had my wife Sharon followed these recommendations, she would be dead today.
You may feel daunted by the number of pages in these health reform bills, not to mention the legislative language that is often impossible to decipher. But here are some important provisions you should know about.