But then there are times, like in today's political turmoil, or during a certain stage of life - that we are drawn to take
What are the challenges of running a values-based company? originally appeared on Quora - the knowledge sharing network where
On the workplace review website Glassdoor, Southwest is rated one of the top places to work in the U.S. Excerpts from employees
A global movement at the level of the spirit --dedicated to the values that uplift the human world -- can provide fuel to
The worship of the Sun (Sol) [necessary for growing crops] was indigenous to the Romans, since the 8th century BC. The upper
5th Candle: Awareness. Calling ourselves present is a constant practice. Tonight, let us pay special attention to the Chanukah
13. Did you develop new business or enlarge a market? (How?) 2. Did you save the company money? (How much?) Would love to
But that's not all it can do. "Sometimes when I meditate, I can't stop smiling," a longtime practitioner told me recently
Let's be clear about how we define success and let's make that definition known. Yes, an administration should be filled
In summary, when added into the diversity and inclusion equation (that includes demographic diversity or cognitive diversity
What I see is that- intentionally or not- we all are individual triggers, with our reflections, blog posts, pledges, campaigns
Our stories are about the preservation of family. Maybe your family arrived in America in the early 19th Century, and they
Don't get me wrong. I am so grateful for the huge sacrifices my parents made to give me the life and opportunities I have today. Leaving their family, their home, their comfort zone to come here is an incredibly difficult thing. It's a sacrifice that I can't ever fully thank them for.
One important way to return to pre-Digital Age times is through the important art of small talk. In a recent Wall Street
Passion Any true professional can explain that no matter how much you train or study for a position or market, it never replaces
Teaching them how to fight it starts now -- or more accurately, it started before they turned one. Yes, you read that right: I have been teaching this idea to my four-year-old son and one-year-old daughter since they were infants.
JS: If parents shouldn't try to shape their kids in a particular way, what should they be doing? The third is providing a
One of the reasons is that I became conscious of a) who I was 'being' and b) how I was presenting myself to the world - i.e
If you dismiss vulgar behavior because issues of taxation or immigration are more important than a candidate's despicable views of women, minorities and those with disabilities, you have not studied values.