President Donald Trump now says that Google is the reason he lost the popular vote in the 2016 presidential election.
Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders took to the stage for the first night of the second Democratic presidential debates and left voters excited for what is coming next.
President Donald Trump used his 2020 reelection rally to attack democrats and the Mueller investigation.
Key House Democrats have indicated that come January, they will investigate alleged voter suppression.
Voting hasn’t been going smoothly for many people across the country.
The federal judge said the statute ran afoul of federal law that sets specific conditions for when voters can be removed from the rolls.
A hashtag is mobilizing hundreds to vote in the Malaysian elections, but the bots are out in force too.
About two-thirds of unregistered and "unlikely" voters said politics are too corrupt to merit attention.
For my part -- and with my vote -- I'm choosing the path toward "Liberty and Justice for ALL." In a national forum, Trump
In the primaries, supporters of both Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders had something in common. They were motivated by their
If we care about the safety, security and economic well-being of ourselves, our families and Americans at large, there is only one choice in this year's Presidential election.
As we are closer to the end of the race, the subset of voters for whom news will now change their vote is getting smaller
"I think there is a clear and present danger facing the voter audience and I hope that people really get out and know that
Retired NYPD and Gentlemen's Club manager, Brian Daly, discusses his hopes for the future of the nation.
Trump is very aware of the unfocused anger in the Midwest, and is working hard to use that to get votes. If he takes the swing states of Ohio and Pennsylvania, it will be because of that insight.
This presidential campaign has two historically unpopular candidates. Both nominees are viewed unfavorably by more than 50 percent of the electorate.
Our local paper carried an article that essentially said Donald had "made a complete turn-around." It said he is now "being inclusive." Get real!
Nationally, 70 percent of registered voters have a favorable impression of wind energy, according to a mixed question omnibus
For what it is worth: Nothing is ever certain, and much could go wrong, but my money remains on a Trump victory. Why? 1) It
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