Trump appointee Michael Pack sought to transform the tax-funded VOA into a propaganda operation, according to a whistleblower complaint.
"Never let the fear of retaliation temper your desire to be a good, honest person,” Rebekah Jones tells would-be whistleblowers in op ed.
The U.S. fugitive whistleblower said his goal is to prevent him and his wife from being separated from their son.
Warnings from Democratic lawmakers and the latest revelations from a top DHS employee make it clear Trump doesn’t want the public to know what’s happening.
An interview with social worker Patricia Kim, who goes to work daily in a jail slammed by the coronavirus.
A federal watchdog has ordered an investigation into the Transportation Security Administration's response to COVID-19.
“I am not disgruntled,” whistleblower Rick Bright said. “I am frustrated at a lack of leadership."
A whistleblower said in a complaint that a volunteer coronavirus force recruited by Jared Kushner was "falling short" and had "little to show" for their work.
The Army whistleblower is still scheduled to appear in court Friday regarding her refusal to testify in the WikiLeaks investigation.
Health and Human Services staffers interacted with Americans who were quarantined for potential exposure to COVID-19, according to multiple reports.