Police say a former Boeing manager who raised safety questions about the aircraft maker took his own life.
Sam Salehpour is scheduled to speak to a Senate panel Wednesday about his concerns over Boeing aircraft.
"That's not how you build a plane," the engineer told reporters Tuesday.
Gal Luft says he's a whistleblower with dirt on Biden. The Justice Department says he's an arms dealer and unregistered foreign agent who lied to investigators.
“All the young activists rising up give me hope as I leave my life,” Ellsberg wrote earlier this year, after announcing his cancer diagnosis.
The agent can offer details that will “contradict sworn testimony to Congress by a senior political appointee,” their attorney said in a letter.
"I think there is no greater cause to which I could have dedicated my efforts," he reflected on his life.
A "senseless" loophole protects wealthy corporations and New Yorkers who cheat on their taxes but are clever enough not to leave a paper trail.
The platform is "misleading the public, lawmakers" and regulators about its serious security failures, ex-security chief Peiter Zatko testified to Congress.
Frances Haugen, a former Facebook employee, talked about how the company has lied about making progress on stopping violence and disinformation.