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The legislation would force competitions held on state-granted land or property to reward male and female competitors equally.
Each day I encounter people paralyzed with fear of the unknown. They have no idea what their potential is professionally, physically, and emotionally because they are too afraid to expose themselves to failure. I know because I was that person.
In March of 2016, five members of the U.S. Women's National Soccer Team (USWNT) filed a wage discrimination complaint against the United States Soccer Federation (USSF) with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC).
What's important to note is this: we don't need to be Olympians to award ourselves for making sure we are fit for our daily
The London Games were the first to achieve women Olympians for each delegation, and the Rio Games are building on that. I am particularly proud that for the first time in Olympic history, more than 45 percent of the athletes competing in the Games of the 31st will be women.
U.S. Women's National Team players say they are paid 25 percent less than members of the men's team.
Each woman attributed her participation in sports with elevating her confidence, deepening her sense of self-esteem and pushing her to be and strive for more in her life.
Olympic swimmer Natalie Coughlin and heptathlete Chantae McMillan are the two other women who grace the Body Issue's seventh
"What I like about my lessons is they aren’t only about tennis. They are about life," Williams said. "You can be down in
The race organizer tried to physically throw her out of the race, but she successfully completed the marathon.
And that's what we can all learn from the Serena experience. While sports accomplishments brought her to our attention, Serena
Professional cycling represents more than just elite athleticism. Cycling represents movement and freedom. Around the world, bicycles can make the difference in a young girl getting to school, or villagers getting to a polling station.
Mixing young girlhood and sexuality and selling it to male sports fans is ... just creepy.
February brings us the Olympics in Sochi and Black History Month. That leads us to honor African-American women athletes through history who have won Olympic medals and brought them home to the U.S.