Woody Guthrie

"G'night. Fight for Democracy again tomorrow!" tweeted Walter Shaub.
Even Springsteen stops the show after three hours.
Pete Seeger once said about Woody Guthrie’s music, “Any damn fool can get complicated. It takes genius to attain simplicity
MR: Your father wrote about Latino immigrants/migrant workers and how they’re treated in "Deportee." Though it was about
Then Trump's sad sack flack Sean Spicer said that the wall will be paid for by Mexico after all, in the form of a 20 percent
Moving from this song of love, to its spiritual digression, ("And Jesus was a sailor when he walked upon the water"), Collins
"Odetta once kissed me on a stage and I got death threats from the Klan," he said. "When I traveled with Leadbelly, he couldn't
If Woody Guthrie, America's most revered troubadour for social justice, was still alive he would no doubt be celebrating his 104th birthday today by writing songs about Donald Trump's attacks on immigrants, Muslims, the physically handicapped, and other groups and about the growing Black Lives Matter movement against police racism.
I'm going to be walking to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland from my house in Detroit in early July to talk
July 4 is an occasion for Americans to express their patriotism. But the ways we do so are as diverse as our nation.