World Relief, a Christian group, is speaking up against the Trump administration's new plan to keep migrant kids indefinitely detained with their parents.
Prestonwood Baptist Church is supporting undocumented immigrants, but also the government agencies that detain them.
What climate policy would Jesus choose? One that protects nature and lifts up the poor, these Christians say.
Miracle Hill Ministries just announced it's allowing non-evangelicals as employees and prospective foster parents. But Jews, queer people and others need not apply.
Trump boasted about his record on conservative causes during this year's Faith & Freedom Coalition conference, and warned that the gains he made are 'fragile.'
Paula White suggested the president was "anointed" by God as America's defender when she delivered an opening prayer at Trump's reelection rally.
Delegates at the SBC's national meeting in Alabama made it clear that churches can be expelled from the denomination for racism or mishandling abuse allegations.
Group Publishing has since revised its "Roar" curriculum for vacation Bible school and has issued apologies.
Trump stopped at a Northern Virginia church on the way back to the White House after another golf outing without bothering to change.
The ELCA joined forces with local immigrant advocacy groups to try to stop Betty Rendón-Madrid's deportation — but their efforts proved futile.
Liberal Asian Americans who have felt spiritually homeless in the past are building their own communities both on and offline.
The Southern Baptist Convention is reporting a decline in membership and baptisms for the twelfth year in a row.
Most of the graduates stayed for the vice president's commencement speech, welcoming him with a standing ovation.
The freshman lawmaker from New York says if they want to follow the Bible, they can start by backing her bill.
Rev. Betty Rendón, who works part-time at Emaus ELCA in Racine, Wisconsin, was arrested in a raid on her home.
The vice president told Liberty University's Class of 2019 to "be ready" to face opposition and ridicule for holding “traditional Christian beliefs.”
The televangelist, who has defended the White House, is stepping down as head of New Destiny Christian Center to start 3,000 churches and open a university.
White evangelical Christians used to care deeply about politicians’ moral failings. That has changed dramatically since they started backing Trump, a study finds.
Evangelical leaders want to discredit the kind of progressive Christianity that the Democratic mayor advocates.
"If you don’t like him he's definitely doing something very right!"