After prayer and deep introspection, these white evangelical Christians have decided they can no longer support Trump.
Falwell, who was toppled by scandals this summer, has filed a lawsuit against the evangelical university claiming defamation and breach of contract.
The prominent evangelical writer John Piper said he is baffled by Christians who can't see that a “self-absorbed, self-exalting” leader is dangerous.
Jerushah Duford is calling out evangelical leaders who have stayed silent while Trump pursued policies that contradict the core tenets of Christianity.
Wehner warns that evangelicals will pay a huge price for their blind loyalty to the president.
This global pandemic has revealed there’s already a virus inside some American forms of belief.
Public colleges could lose funding if they fail to support faith-based clubs -- including clubs that blatantly discriminate against LGBTQ students.
"We are among the significant number of evangelical Christians who will not vote for the president again,” Ryan and Katharine Hurlburt wrote in a powerful op-ed.
Evangelical churches in Latin America have flouted public health guidelines by holding in-person services.
Allegations of racism, bullying and shady business deals didn't bring the ex-Liberty University president down. In the end, it was the sex stuff.