In a recent episode of “The Shop: Uninterrupted," the rapper told Kevin Hart — who has a history of homophobic remarks — about the importance of the moment.
These photos of loving parents at Pride events are very moving.
Taking the stage in New York, the Queen of Pop expressed her gratitude to LGBTQ fans for having "always been embraced by Queer Nation."
The parade in New York and others like it across the nation concluded a month of events marking the 50th anniversary of the infamous police raid on the Stonewall Inn.
Frank Simon’s "The Queen" debuted at a time when gender nonconformity was taboo. A newly restored version hits theaters this month.
"I am truly touched by what we can do when we come together as one," the actor and singer said of the benefit concert.
Millions of Brazilians pushed back against the homophobic policies of right-wing President Jair Bolsonaro at the first Pride parade since his election.
Following the release of the short documentary feature “Here For This Reason,” Stanley Stellar sits down with Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani to discuss photographing decades of gay life in New York City.
"This is who we are. This is what life looked like," explains photographer Stanley Stellar.
Boston officials have approved a public event application, making Super Happy Fun America one step closer in hosting the "Straight Pride Parade" on Aug. 31.
The pop star gave a shoutout to Pride celebrations during a special show at the historic Apollo Theater.
Sal Stow and Meghan Stabler said they felt "humbled" they'd had such a major impact on a young LGBTQ person they'd never met.
"Stanley Stellar: Here For This Reason" explores the life of the famed photographer as he dared to photograph 40 years of New York City’s ever-changing gay community. [Audio description included]
The just-retired NBA star spread social media love after being targeted with online hatred.
'Stanley Stellar: Here For This Reason' explores the life of the man who photographed 40 years of NYC's gay community.
Here's what they had to say about their artwork, their hopes for Pride and more.
Gavin Newsom's move comes as the Trump administration blocks U.S. embassies from flying the LGBTQ banner.