University of Virginia

It's the third time this year the president has welcomed star athletes to the White House with greasy grub.
Cavaliers head coach Tony Bennett said the national champions “would have to respectfully decline an invitation" to Donald Trump's official residence.
An earlier bill to honor the fallen U.S. Army captain mistakenly renamed the wrong post office.
In two new polls, a third or fewer of Virginia Democrats want the governor to step down.
A year after the Unite the Right rally left one dead and dozens injured, Charlottesville still struggles to define itself.
The two, who remain tenured professors, said Short "contributed to the erosion of civil discourse and democratic norms."
Marc Short's hiring is "unconscionable," the petition reads.
Lone star ticks hunt in packs and spread an allergy to beef and pork. Thanks to climate change, they're spreading.
It's the first time in the men's NCAA tournament a No. 16 seed has defeated a No. 1 seed.
A new report from the Anti-Defamation League found a 258 percent increase in white supremacist propaganda on college campuses between 2016 and 2017.
In a legal settlement the school must also pay for security, a bill likely to cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
An independent review published on Friday faulted law enforcement agencies for breakdowns in planning and coordination.
Fall has arrived. The air is crisp, pumpkins adorn doorsteps and leaves are turning beautiful colors. Fall also means football