Leah Woodly

Empowering couples to MAXIMIZE their money, CHASE their dreams and bring PEACE to their wallets.

Leah Woodly is a Love and Money Coach and Speaker who is devoted to transforming the lives of couples everywhere by helping them to achieve financial freedom and create a legacy of financial prudence for future generations. An emerging leader in the area of love and money, she strives to lay a solid financial foundation by coaching married and engaged couples to work together to achieve their financial and life goals.

While in grad school with $30,000 of consumer debt and absolutely no savings in sight, she embarked on a journey to restore her life...and her wallet. She studied all things personal finance and quickly got out of debt. With a fire burning in her to help others that were in her situation, Leah decided that she wanted to free people from their money. Leah wanted to give hope to the hopeless and show everyone she could that they can change their financial outlook for themselves and posterity.

Leah decided to make it official by earning her certificate in Financial Planning from Boston University. She went on to join the Financial Planning Association, earned her Life and Health Insurance license and worked in the financial planning industry. However, in working in the industry, Leah discovered that she didn’t want to be like “them”--she didn’t fit into the good ‘ole boys club. She didn’t want talking about money to be stuffy and uptight. Leah didn’t want to only work with the “old, healthy, and wealthy”.

Leah built her brand, FINANCIALLYFORWARD to empower couples to Maximize Their Money, Chase Their Dreams and Bring Peace to their Wallets, and does this through coaching, workshops and virtual courses.

Leah is happily married to Tyreece Woodly, co-owner of Woodly Financial Enterprises and teacher to budding social studies geniuses, and enjoys raising their toddler son together. Join the FINANCIALLYFORWARD movement at

Her philosophy is - “Nothing is Impossible.”

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