Chris Hemsworth

A heartbreaking documentary and 2018 crime drama are also trending on the streaming service.
“That’s super depressing when I hear that,” said the "Thor" actor. “There goes two of my heroes I won’t work with. I guess they’re not a fan of me.”
The actor said after his “Avengers” co-star was crushed by a snowplow, he had a life-changing realization.
The "Thor" actor described meeting Elsa Pataky, made to look like an 87-year-old woman, as a comforting experience: "You're still beautiful," he told her.
The actor discovered he’s genetically predisposed to develop the disease during a recent episode of Disney+’s “Limitless.”
The “Thor” star called their “Avengers” group chat banter about the beloved "Captain America" actor “filthy.”
The “Avengers” star posted a childhood photo that revealed he wasn’t a Marvel fan.
"He's just a nice person," the Oscar winner said of her "Thor: Love & Thunder" co-star.
The Marvel Cinematic Universe is set to come to an end very soon… for now. The remaining Avengers will unite to take a chance at bringing back their friends and defeating cosmic villain Thanos.