Connor Cruise

Despite the rumors, Kidman has remained notoriously silent about Scientology since their split, and she didn't budge much
Connor Cruise, 18, shared a photo of him and his sister Isabella Cruise, 20, on July 23, writing, "Hangin with Bellz in London."
The siblings took in the sights of Hyde Park on Barclays Bikes (which are just like NYC's Citi Bikes) and even posted pictures
A few weeks ago, I told a friend that I'd bet most North Korean soldiers would probably surrender for a few Big Macs and an iPhone 3GS. That's why the 2012 reboot of the 1984 cult classic Red Dawn strikes me as being so dumb.
Bullock has done a pretty good job shielding herself and her little one from the spotlight, and while we certainly respect
But according to a new report in the October issue of Vanity Fair, Suri may not be safe. Former Scientologist Samantha Domingo
Ever the proud father, Tom Cruise jetted to London Thursday for an apparent surprise visit to son Connor Cruise, who was
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Tom Cruise was back on the set of Oblivion in Mammoth Lakes, CA, yesterday. Read more on Pop Sugar
If you wouldn't use the word "biological" when describing a child, than why use the word "adopted"? Is the point to imply that Holmes' loss of Suri would somehow be greater because she was her "real" daughter, as opposed to Kidman's loss of two children who weren't really hers?
The sold-out event was bustling and lively and reminded everyone that the everyday, small differences we can make in another's life creates a hero in someone's eyes.
Tom Cruise has an estimated net worth of $250 million. His recent flick, "Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol" has made over
Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and little Suri live a very public life -- but last night, the "Mission: Impossible" star's kids
It was a big birthday weekend: beyond our spry nation turning 235, Tom Cruise celebrated his own Big Day in Miami. With Cruise
Tom Cruise and his son Connor, 16, took in the Lakers Game Sunday night. They were snapped chatting with David Beckham and
Nicole Kidman speaks the world of her and husband Keith Urban's 2-year old daughter Sunday Rose, but it's not often you hear
Tom Cruise and his son Connor, 15, enjoyed the Lakers game together Wednesday night in LA. David Geffen and Jeffrey Katzenberg
Remakes are generally never as good as their originals, but what really worries me about the Red Dawn remake is that the foreign invaders this go-around are apparently going to be...Chinese.