Ed Sheeran

The couple announced the birth of their second daughter in May 2022.
"I’m going to have to get it craned into my house," the Grammy winner told Kelly Clarkson of the unusual present, which they first assumed "was a joke."
“We are both so in love with her," the "Bad Habits" singer wrote announcing the news on Instagram.
The band's frontman, Taras Topolia, added a verse to the song explaining the current circumstances "for millions of Ukrainian people" on the front line.
After the ruling, Sheeran spoke out about the "pain" he'd felt at having someone "publicly, and aggressively, challenge [his] integrity."
Currently standing as the richest UK celebrities under 30 years old, the singer-songwriter is one of the world's best-selling music artists.
An 11-day trial over the copyright of Ed Sheeran’s hit song “Shape of You” has concluded in London, with the judge saying he would take some time to consider his ruling.
The "Bad Habits" singer developed some, well, bad habits with his mobile device.
“I feel like people’s reaction to it sort of muddied my joy to it," the singer admitted on Monday.
"I was sworn to secrecy," Elton John said — then Ed Sheeran spilled the beans anyway.