Eliza Dushku

The "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" actress announced the arrival of her son "Bourne" on Instagram.
CBS renewed the show "Bull" despite allegations against star and executive producer Michael Weatherly of sexual harassment.
The network recently renewed the actor’s show “Bull” after former co-star Eliza Dushku accused him of inappropriate behavior.
CBS has renewed “Bull” even though its star, Michael Weatherly, has been accused of sexual harassment while on set.
Eliza Dushku confronted the actor about harassing her on set. Her character was later written off the legal drama.
The actress revealed what it was like to be barred from talking about her harassment allegation against Michael Weatherly on CBS's "Bull."
The actress and CBS reached a $9.5 million settlement after she accused "Bull" co-star Michael Weatherly of sexual harassment.
The actress believed she was written off the show "Bull" because she complained about harassment from actor Michael Weatherly.
The couple said their "I dos" at the Boston Public Library.
The work of Robert Mapplethorpe is often celebrated (and, in some quarters, condemned) for its immediacy; working with Polaroids
Actress Eliza Dushku says a top Hollywood stuntman molested her during the filming of ‘True Lies,’ and her former castmates are standing up for her.
The stunt coordinator is being accused of sexually assaulting a fellow stunt worker and a 16-year-old girl.
The actress has accused Kramer of molesting her on the set of "True Lies" when she was 12.
“Drugs and alcohol are powerful, but we’re more powerful."