The singer and partner Alev Aydin shared their baby's unique name and some tender snapshots on Instagram.
The singer shared a series of snapshots unveiling her pregnancy on Instagram and sending fans into a tizzy.
“You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to stigma,” said the “Without Me” singer, who is open about her bipolar diagnosis.
Celebrities joined those who took to the streets demanding justice. Halsey and “Insecure” actor Kendrick Sampson reported being hit by rubber bullets.
The singer said she later broke two toes on her other foot and is currently "waddling around like a penguin."
The “Without Me” singer wore a red wig and a beachy sundress for her at-home rendition of "Part of Your World."
In a recent interview, the singer shared how "demoralizing" it felt for her to not be able to "do the one thing I’m biologically put on this earth to do."
The singer is not having people trying to taunt her with her ex-boyfriend's name, telling haters she hopes they never have to experience an abusive relationship.
"I will kick your f**king ass," the singer told an unruly fan who repeatedly yelled her old boyfriend's name.
In response to a bad review, the singer wished for Pitchfork's offices to collapse without realizing they're located in One World Trade Center.
"You Soft Head" is the potential hit song she never had as performed on "The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon."
In a social media post slamming her ex-label boss Scott Borchetta and music manager Scooter Braun, the musician asked fans for help. Many came through.
The singer and the actor stepped out together for the first time since sparking relationship rumors in September.
The singer tweeted Tuesday that she wasn't ignoring Mendes on purpose.
The singer's brightly colored part included all the colors of the rainbow.
The singer has a plan to gain control of her masters in the wake of a $300 million deal with her former record label.
Demi Lovato praised the singer for showing her body hair.
The singer also spoke about being committed twice in recent years.