Russell Brand

The conspiracy-spewing radio host claims the British comedian is under attack because he's "pro humidity."
The woman, who claims Brand assaulted her in 2010, told The Sunday Times she felt "used and abused" after the alleged incident.
Law enforcement "received a number of allegations" of sexual offenses after U.K. outlets published an investigation into actor Russell Brand.
The British comedian has been accused of sexually assaulting and abusing four women between 2006 and 2013.
The comedian-turned-influencer will no longer be able to make money from his account, which has 6.6 million subscribers.
Comedian Katherine Ryan allegedly confronted Brand during the filming of Comedy Central’s “Roast Battle,” but her remarks were edited out.
One of Brand's accusers says she made Tavistock Wood Management aware of at least one of the allegations in 2020.
In 2013, Perry made some ambiguous remarks about Brand, whom multiple women have now accused of sexual assault.
The controversial comedian denied all allegations, saying he was once "very, very promiscuous," but everything was consensual.
The former couple tied the knot in 2010, and were married for just 14 months.