Scarlett Johansson

This is despite the “Saturday Night Live” "Weekend Update" co-anchor describing himself as a “great babysitter.”
“I don’t know if she thought it was kind of like a hippie thing,” Jost quipped.
Johansson said the streaming release of the Marvel movie breached her contract and deprived her of potential earnings.
The "Halloween" star defended Johansson against "real-life manipulation" in her legal battle against the studio over the release of "Black Widow."
The Avengers haven’t exactly been quick to publicly assemble around Johansson amid her legal dispute.
The "WandaVision" star said her first thought when she read that her “Avengers” co-star was suing the company was, “Good for you, Scarlett.”
The “Black Widow” star and “Saturday Night Live” writer, who got married last year, gave their newborn son a very interesting name.
Scarlett Johansson is suing Disney for releasing “Black Widow” simultaneously in theaters and on its Disney+ streaming service.
The actor said the decision to simultaneously release the film in theaters and on Disney+ breached her contract and deprived her of potential earnings.
The "Black Widow" actor said it was more of an "underwhelming panic," as opposed to an "overwhelming panic," if that helps.
The actor praised her character's evolution over the past decade ahead of the release of the stand-alone "Black Widow" film.
The 36-year-old told UK publication The Gentlewoman that she looked back on some of her experiences and realized: "I was inconsiderate."
And Colin Jost was manipulated into making fun of wife Scarlett Johansson.
Marvel fans may have low-key spotted a major character in "Loki."
The couple, who got engaged in May 2019, tied the knot after three years of dating.
Black Widow is dead, and so are we after this quip.
The life of transgender mobster Dante "Tex" Gill will be adapted for TV, two years after Johansson dropped out of the project amid backlash to her casting.
“I remember her being beautiful, smart, sweet, and intimidatingly sophisticated," the "Saturday Night Live" writer said of his future fiancée Scarlett Johansson.
Expect to see a lot more of Florence Pugh after "Black Widow" hits theaters.
The actor participated in an Instagram fight challenge alongside Drew Barrymore, Halle Berry, Scarlett Johansson and more.