Scarlett Johansson

The co-hosts of the "SNL" news segment traded comedic jabs in an epic return of their joke swap tradition.
The “Baywatch” star made a statement while attending multiple shows in Paris.
The event’s artistic director recalls having to console the actor at a screening for “Under the Skin” 10 years ago.
Benedict Cumberbatch once punched a film critic who called Keira Knightley "Ikea Knightley" as an insult to her "wooden" acting.
The "Oppenheimer" star is totally fine with kissing and telling about his past work.
“They abandoned the hive,” the Marvel actor said of his 2008 wedding gift to the now divorced couple.
The "Black Widow" star, who has been married three times, got candid about her relationship with the "Saturday Night Live" entertainer.
The "Black Widow" actor, who has been married three times, spoke about why her relationship with Colin Jost is successful.
"We had a cathartic experience," the actor said of running into her "Lost in Translation" co-star at a bar.
The Marvel star has been divorced twice, but one ex is still in her good book.