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It’s not surprising that social distancing can put a strain on relationships. If you’re quarantined with your significant other, you might still be adjusting to so much time together or trying to be a supportive partner during this stressful and unprecedented time. If you’re social distancing separately from your S.O., this might be the longest you’ve gone without seeing them, even if you were already in a long-distance relationship.

Sometimes all that person needs is a reminder of how much you mean to them and how special you think they are. But in a time where you can’t really pick them up a gift or take them on a real date, how can you surprise them?

Fortunately, there are plenty of gifts that can be signed, sealed and delivered to your partner, whether you’re married or just started dating. Miss going to your favorite restaurant or bar for dinners and drinks? Surprise them with a cocktail or meal kit subscription that you can make and enjoy together or via a Zoom date. You can even sign up for an online class to learn a new language or instrument together.

Don’t be afraid to think “inside the box” with deliverable gifts, like a personalized subscription box or sexy couples gifts that’ll make your special someone blush with excitement.

To help, we’ve found some of our favorite gifts that come in a box. Take a look below at 14 romantic gifts that can be delivered:

A monthly delivery of new wine
What better way to show love to the wino in your life than a wine subscription service from Winc?
Share your love of music
Crate Joy
Get custom curated and designed vinyl records with a mix of 10 up-and-coming artists sent to your door each month with Vinyl Moon.
Assorted chocolate covered strawberries
Shari's Berries
This Valentine's Day classic is a decadent treat anyone will be sure to enjoy.
A new plant to care for
The Sill
Preoccupy their time and lift their spirits with a new plant to care for. There are plenty of houseplants for beginners and green thumbs alike, or sign them up for a monthly subscription to grow their garden. Find your perfect plant at The Sill.
A cocktail kit
Miss going to your favorite bar for cocktails? Why not send them a cocktail kit that comes with small-batch mixers, syrups, bitters, garnishes and everything you need to make a fancy cocktail at home. Find this "Just Add Whiskey" for $113 at Mouth.
A long-distance touch lamp so you can feel a little bit closer
Uncommon Goods
For the relationships that require a bit of travel, this long distance touch lamp is the perfect solution to when you're missing your S.O.
Give the gift of a home-cooked dinner
Kurhan via Getty Images
There's nothing like sharing a delicious meal with your loved one. Spend a romantic evening at home with a Blue Apron meal that you can even cook together.
A way to destress and spice things up
A couples sex toy kit might be exactly what you and your partner need to destress and spice things up, whether you're face to face or on Facetime. This Wild Weekend Mega Couple's 11-piece Sex Toy Kit is $90 at Lovehoney.
A surprise delivery of fresh flowers
Pro Flowers
There's nothing quite like receiving a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered straight to your door.
A beauty and grooming box
Surprise them with a little self care. This subscription box is filled with sample sizes of skincare, beauty and men's grooming products, with the option to buy full-size versions of your favorites. Sign up at Birchbox.
A gift that keeps on giving
Instead of getting them a generic gift, get them a subscription box from Cratejoy. Cratejoy has hundreds of boxes for specific interests like wellness, fitness, fashion, beauty, and more, so there's something for everyone.
A framable memory of the stars on the night you met
Whether it was the first kiss, your anniversary, or that moment you realized your world had changed, give the gift of the stars to always remember that special night.
A sexy subscription to new lingerie every month
Adore Me
Send her gorgeous monthly collections of lingerie through Adore Me's super affordable subscription service.
A one-of-a-kind gift all about them
Ancestry DNA
If you're S.O. has been dying to find out where their family ties are from, get them a DNA kit to help expedite their search.

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