150 Years Of Solitude: "Daily Show" Celebrates Madoff Verdict (VIDEO)

150 Years Of Solitude: "Daily Show" Celebrates Madoff Verdict (VIDEO)

Bernie Madoff, a man who swindled thousands of innocent people out of their life savings, was sentenced to 150 years in prison yesterday for what the judge called "extraordinarily evil." Jon Stewart took this opportunity to weep for Ruth Madoff, who will now have to give up her mansion AND her $40,000 fur. He also mocked MSNBC for appearing to predict the exact date of Madoff's death, something the media seems to have trouble with in general considering they think 150 year sentence only means death-in-prison for an older man.

Stewart then tossed to John Oliver, the "Daily Show"'s senior ponzologist, who described the details of the handjob Ponzi scheme Bernie Madoff was running in prison. It was yielding two handjobs for every pack of cigarettes, a ridiculous rate of return that was quickly revealed as a fraud.


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