25 Lessons Learned in 25 Years

I'm OK with admitting that some of the lessons are lighthearted, some are serious, and others are outright ridiculous.
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I turned 25 this year. Holy crap!

Although I celebrated by playing with pandas in China, I also made it a priority to sit down and make a video that reflected on what I've learned over the past quarter century.

I'm OK with admitting that some of the lessons are lighthearted, some are serious, and others are outright ridiculous.

Here are the 25 lessons:

1. The best ideas come from the shower.
If you want to become a genius, get naked.

2. People don't like when you are late.

3. Don't take life too seriously.
Most day-to-day things we consider "problems" are not a big deal, so let loose.

4. Wisdom can come at any age.
Some of the best insight comes from our younger selves.

5. Hurt people hurt people.
The people who are the most difficult to deal with need the most love.

6. A smile is universal.
A genuine grin has no language barrier.

7. We are all more alike than we think.
No matter how isolated you feel during tough times, you are never alone.

8. All I need in life is good food and good Wi-Fi.
Everything else is just fluff.

9. Selfishness can be healthy.
We need to spoil ourselves at times with compassion, forgiveness and joy.

10. It's OK to be sad.
Honour all your feelings, not just the positive ones.

11. Pain is inevitable, and suffering is optional.
While life has its natural ups and downs, suffering is a choice we make.

12. Working smarter is better than working harder.
Success can be found through creativity and simplicity.

13. Intuition knows best.
Deep down, you have all the answers and clarity you need.

14. You create your own reality.
Everyone forms their own valid shades of reality through their perceptions.

15. Getting fired is sometimes the best thing that can happen.
Losing a job can be your boss' way of opening the door for you to fulfill your true dreams.

16. Emojis are the best form of communication.
What more can I say?

17. Education begins after you leave school.
The most learning happens when you embrace life outside the classroom.

18. Parents are people, too.
Moms and dads are humans, and they are allowed to make mistakes.

19. Living abroad gives you the best gift of all: perspective.
Being in other countries helps you see how you fit into the bigger picture.

20. There's no failure in expressing who you truly are.
Your self-expression is who you are, and there's nothing ever flawed about that.

21. Drag queens are the most inspirational people on the planet.

22. The two most powerful words in the English language are "yes" and "no."
Know which choices align with your integrity and which do not.

23. Talking to a camera is therapeutic.
For real, try it!

24. Good intention is overrated.
Check your intention with awareness and empathy.

25. Don't have expectations.
When we trust the process of life, we can never be disappointed.

I still have so much to learn. Leave a comment below letting me know which lesson resonated with you the most.

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