5 of the Most-Committed Crimes by Illinois Prison Inmates

There are as many reasons for incarceration in the Illinois prison system as there are prisoners themselves (about 50,000), but the Illinois Department of Corrections files each offense under one of 28 broad categories, according to its 2013 annual report. These categories include crimes based on variations of robbery, homicide, assault and others.

Here are five of the top crimes that have landed Illinoisans in state prison facilities as of June 2013, the latest time for which this information is available.

10. Robbery

Number: 1,605

Percent: 3.3%

9. DUI

Number: 1,726

Percent: 3.5%

8. Residential Burglary

Number: 2,193

Percent: 4.5%

7. Armed Robbery

Number: 2,643

Percent: 5.4%

6. Burglary

Number: 3,049

Percent: 6.2%

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