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A Five-Minute Gratitude Practice to Live an Awesome Life

Utilize the power of gratitude to consciously and consistently attract yourself the abundance and happiness that we all deserve to experience in life.
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"When you are grateful, fear disappears and abundance appears" - Tony Robbins

Gratitude has changed my life and it's time you use it to rock your own world.

Your mind holds the power to keep you stuck and feeling down in the dumps, or flooding you with abundance and positivity.

The Power of Gratitude

What you think about comes about. Many of us spend our precious time fixated on what we don't have, what we have yet to accomplish, and all that we're not. Our time and energy is literally focused on the negativity, and that's where it will stay.

Unless you do something about it.

You want your mind focused on abundance. An abundant mind will produce an abundant life. How do you develop an abundant mindset? With daily practice. An abundant mindset comes from appreciating all that you already have, and all that you already are.

We can stop these depressing, negative, lack-of thoughts by redirecting them towards gratitude. An attitude of gratitude trains your mind to focus on the positive.

Your Daily Five-Minute Practice

Every evening I take five minutes to write out three things that I'm grateful for that day. We all have five minutes that can be set aside to practice an action step that will change your life.

I challenge you to every day take out a piece of paper, a journal, a receipt, or your hand, and write down 3 things that you are grateful for that day. It doesn't matter if you write, "I'm grateful my child slept all night, I'm grateful I got all green lights on my way to work, I'm grateful that burrito I ate did not live up to its expiration date" whatever it may be, big or small, write it down!

Gratitude works, but only if you're consistent with it. It's like when you do a set of sit-ups and then you expect to see a six pack just from doing that one set of sit-ups. That doesn't happen! But if you're consistent with it, overtime, change occurs. Another example is when you put in a few bucks into your 401K. Those few bucks don't seem like much, but after a while they compound into a nice chunk of change.

Gratitude works the same way. After a while of doing it consistently, amazing transformation occurs.

You can do this. You deserve a life full of color. You deserve to be one of us annoyingly happy people. Commit to this daily action and you will see (and experience) a flood of abundance.

Gratitude Is a Choice You Make.

Gratitude can become your default state if you are disciplined with it. You can turn having an abundant mindset into a habit by being committed to this daily, five-minute exercise.

With continued practice, gratitude will create more abundance, health, and happiness than you ever thought possible.

But in order to trigger the process, in order to signal this abundance to come your way, you have to begin by acknowledging and appreciating all that you already have. If you operate from a "lack of" perspective, you will continue to live this lifestyle, but when you do this daily exercise, it changes that.

It builds your foundation for an abundant mindset, which leads to an abundant life.

Utilize the power of gratitude to consciously and consistently attract yourself the abundance and happiness that we all deserve to experience in life.

I'd love to see what three things you're grateful for today. Comment below and let me know!