A Generation On The Verge Of Breakdown And Awakening

A Generation On The Verge Of Breakdown And Awakening
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Colton Dixons song "Our time is now" keeps reminding me that we can't wait for the world to change to the better but that our time is now to become warriors of the truth. Warriors who understand the responsibilities we have for each other, as well as for the planet we call home.

In general we call them Generations X, Y and Z. Young people that were born after 1978. Much is being said about those generations. Not all is positive and I am sure at least one article crossed your path about our short-comings, but also about our strengths.

Here are a few other things we will have to understand and consider when we talk about our future as a world society:

We are experiencing an elevation of energy and vibration we've never had before. We haven't seen generations being more emotionally disconnected, suffering from depression, anxiety or other mental illnesses (source: http://www.adaa.org/about-adaa/press-room/facts-statistics) than the X,Y and Zs. We've never before had such a high amount of electrical smog and pollution and toxins of all sorts hit our bodies at ones.

While it seems as it is a time of defeat, it is also the time of tremendous hope. While many people start to stand up and fight the good fight, we especially see the phenomenon within young people. They stand up for their generation, not only for themselves. Children cry in pain over the loss of environmental stability and balance. Teenagers fight to preserve their future. The passion with what we arise is powerful and impeccable.

.......and often what you hear are words like: "What lies are we feeding those kids." or "They are too young to understand the actual problem". While we may be young(er) and also may not have the experience, we certainly have the wisdom. We feel deeply and are, in many cases, called mentally ill because what we experience doesn't fit in with the "normal". We are called rebels and "entitled" because in many cases we show up where other's already resigned. We call, being purpose-driven 'success' while money in our society still is the driving force of change.

While feeling deeply is the hope for an awakening, it is also the threat of an absolute breakdown. We've forgotten what it means to be truly emotionally connected. Karla McLaren says: "We are intellectually brilliant, physically resourceful, spiritually imaginative, but emotionally underdeveloped."

We have been taught to only acknowledge the extremes - hate, sadness and overjoy. There is no in-between that leaves us room to feel fully. We have created a society-accepted emotional stigma that tells us how we should feel in certain situations. Everything else is outside the norm and makes us believe that there is something wrong with us. Most of us withdraw at this point. Being broken and unworthy becomes our truth. We are creating a reality that is not in alignment with who we are created to be. Subconsciously we know this, but everything on the outside just screams at us. It leaves us in chaos when we actually feel a strong force within us to go out and make a difference. But we don't know how because we feel overwhelmed, scared, exhausted and physically ill. We have not been taught the difference between what it means to ask for what we need versus what we can get out of it for ourselves.

Churches loose about 70% of their young adults because most religious leaders of any denomination don't understand how to speak to our hearts on an emotional level, but continue to preach to our brain and logic, often even through fear-based preaching. It may work for a while but never feels authentic to most of us.

I am talking about the rise of a new generation: The Empath-Warriors™. We see it in every age group but more dominantly within younger generations.
A generation that represents incredible awareness of what is possible within a world community. A generation that feels the pain of each other and its surroundings. We are fearless catalysts of the shift in how we and others experience consciousness.

However, if we are not fully in tune with our gifts, create a deep awareness about ourselves and know how to function as an Empath-Warrior™, we often suffer from self-doubt, insecurities, judgments towards others and ourselves, people-pleasing habits, extreme frustration, not knowing what motivates us, feeling disconnected and alone (even when with others) and feeling as we can't ask others for help because we are always supposed to be "on". It is a very fine line between breakdown and awakening.

It is on us to prepare those who follow emotionally, spiritually and mentally to be ready to be a warrior of the truth, of positive change. It means acknowledging each other for who we are and our personal experience of life - without judgment and belittling others. By understanding what is going on within ourselves and giving ourselves the space to actually experience life, we allow others to own the space they need, as well. We have to understand that there is a difference between being and feeling emotions versus acting on them. It is important to understand a mature level of living life.

We can either equip ourselves and those around us by learning and teaching how to use our gifts, which are the driving force from within, in a way that it will impact the world in a positive way, or we continue as we have and we will raise generations of adults being emotionally disconnected raging with anger and hopelessness.

The choice is ours. What will you choose?

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