Adam Rippon Meeting Reese Witherspoon Is Better Than Olympic Glory

"This is the relationship the world's been waiting for," the actress said on "The Late Show."

The mutual admiration society of Winter Olympics skating star Adam Rippon and actress Reese Witherspoon finally convened in person on “The Late Show” Wednesday ― and it was fabulous.

Rippon, a bronze medalist in the team event and a scene-stealer everywhere else, exchanged a series of flattering tweets with Witherspoon as he wowed the world with his blades and brashness. After his first dazzling free skate in the games, he said in a TV interview that he wanted to make Witherspoon proud.

On Wednesday, late-night host Stephen Colbert watched proudly as he got those two together for more love.

“This is the relationship the world’s been waiting for,” Witherspoon said. 

The “Legally Blonde” star of course got to try on Rippon’s medal, and became the foil in some of the skater’s shtick.

“You’re so beautiful in person,” he told her. “Thank you,” Witherspoon replied.

“I was talking to Stephen,” Rippon cracked.

Watch all the fun below. 

Those two (well, three):



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