Al Sharpton Mocks Lou Dobbs' 'Lorax' Comments: Republicans 'Love To Blame Real World Problems On Fictional Characters' (VIDEO)

Al Sharpton gleefully mocked Lou Dobbs for his latest warning about the children's movie "Dr. Seuss' The Lorax" on Thursday night.

Speaking on the Fox Business Network on Tuesday, Dobbs alleged that the animated film was another one of Hollywood's attempts "to indoctrinate our children" with liberal ideas. He blasted the fictional Lorax, which he said "fights rampants industrialism," and the movie for "espousing green energy policies." The remarks came after Eric Bolling claimed that "The Muppets" movie was anti-capitalist on the same network in December.

Sharpton found the critique utterly ridiculous on Thursday night. The picture behind the MSNBC host read "Green Eggs and Sham," and he called Dobbs' charge an example of what he said was Republicans escalating the culture war. "They just love to blame real world problems on fictional characters," he mocked.

"But these days, Republicans are turning against talking sponges," Sharpton observed, replaying clips of Fox News hosts slamming Spongebob Squarepants. "Oh yea, that sponge clearly has an agenda."

He also replayed a clip of Bolling's warning against "The Muppets," saying, "Oh yes, those Muppets are dangerous."

Then, he threw out another possibility for Dobbs to consider. "And Lou, you do know why Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble have to pedal with their feet under their vehicles?" he asked. "Because gas is too high under President Obama."



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