America Less Safe With Palin No Longer Keeping Eye on Russia

Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin said today that America was less safe now that she was no longer keeping an eye on Russia, but added that she hoped other Alaskans would step up to fill the security void she has left.

"What with me being out and about trying to progress the agenda of so many Americans out there, it's not possible for me to be seeing when Putin's rearing his head like I used to be doing," she said.

She urged fellow residents of her hometown, Wasilla, to keep an eye out for the suspicious activities of any Russians they might see from their front porches.

"It's just like a neighborhood watch, only with the neighborhood being America and the watching we're doing not being for car thieves and all but for Communists with big furry hats," she said.

She also admonished the media to "quit making things up," adding, "that's my job."

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