Ann Coulter Confronts Mitt Romney: 'You Owe Me' (AUDIO)

During a radio appearance on Thursday, conservative pundit Ann Coulter discussed that she once had a rather revealing private talk with GOP candidate Mitt Romney. Coulter was speaking with conservative talk show host Sean Hannity.

Hannity asked Coulter who she thinks Romney will "surround himself with" if he were to be elected president. Coulter, who is a staunch Romney supporter, said, "well I better have his ear." Coulter added that she was once at a fundraiser and approached Romney just before she was leaving the event. "I just wanted to go up to him and tell him, 'You owe me and you better be as right-wing a president as I'm telling everybody you're going to be,'" Coulter said.

Hannity asked how Romney responded to Coulter's demands. "He laughed about it and acknowledged the point and said something to the effect 'don't worry,'" Coulter said of Romney.

Coulter has also been a harsh critic of GOP candidate Newt Gingrich. Coulter and conservative pundit Glenn Beck recently criticized the former Speaker of the House for his infamous doodles.



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