Beloved Brooklyn Queer Performance Showcase Celebrates Major Milestone

A community reflects three years later.

One of the most popular weekly queer performance showcases in Brooklyn, New York will soon celebrate a major milestone -- three years of shows, community building and love in the heart of Williamsburg.

The showcase -- called "Hot Fruit" -- is a staple every Monday night at Metropolitan Bar and the brainchild of promoter and DJ David Sokolowski. It first began the night before the 2012 Obama/Romney elections in response to the continually disenchanting nature of the American political climate.
Over the past three years, "Hot Fruit" has continued to change and evolve, growing to encompass performances beyond traditional notions of drag. The anniversary party, on Monday, Nov. 2, will feature drag, music, theater and comedy, including Brooklyn heavy hitters like Charlene, Chris of Hur, Boy Wolf, Jake Dibeler, Lady Simon, Sparklez, Rify Royalty and Merrie Cherry.
The Huffington Post chatted with Sokolowski about the anniversary of "Hot Fruit" this week, as well as the party's changing narrative over the past three years.
How did you decide to curate the line-up for the anniversary party?
Well I wanted to feature performers who had their first show in Brooklyn at "Hot Fruit," and pull a few others who hadn't performed before and pair them up. Originally I only wanted a few performers but it always ends up being like 30. I just get excited and want everyone to be there [laughs]. But there is going to be a lot of great music and theater in addition to drag.
What is the state of Hot Fruit today? How has it changed and developed over the last three years?
"Hot Fruit" started with the party name "Electile Dysfunction" as a sort of coping mechanism for politics of the state. The Obama and Romney campaigns became more and more similar to each other as Election Day approached, and it became very difficult to take any of it seriously. So, [we launched the party] to help break it down and explore the caricatures consuming real talk.
It started out with a lot of drag and political parody and slowly became a weekly platform for performers of many genres and the genreless. 
It's hard to make a weekly performance showcase last this long -- to what do you attribute Hot Fruit's success?
Being a Cancer helps [laughs]. The party would not have continued to happen without the consistent and loving support of DJ Econ, MC Will Sheridan, photographer Tinker Coalescing and VJ Ethan Weinstock. And Pietro Scorsone who bartends and also performs at Hot Fruit...
But really it just keeps happening because people continue to show up. And being on a Monday night, the people in the bar want to be there and see the shows and listen to classic house, techno and disco.
The three-year anniversary of "Hot Fruit" will take place Monday, Nov. 2 at Metropolitan bar. Head here for more info.
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