Ben Affleck And Matt Damon's New Show, 'The Runner,' Looks Wild

It all begins July 1 on go90.

Lace up your shoes and break out your GPS, because Matt Damon and Ben Affleck are on the run. Well, kind of. 

Damon and Affleck are executive producing a new show called "The Runner" for Verizon’s go90 mobile TV network. (AOL, The Huffington Post’s parent company, is owned by Verizon).

The show, which is 16 years in the making, will track one person (aka "the Runner") as he tries to make it across the United States in only 30 days. Eight two-person teams ("the Chasers") will attempt to stop the person, aided by the help of viewers from around the nation who can submit online tips. 

Watch the new trailer for the show above and look out for the chase when it begins July 1 on go90. 



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