2015's 10 Best American Cities For Retirees

2015's 10 Best American Cities For Retirees

Forget the surf-and-turf enclaves of Florida. The top city in the U.S. to retire is actually Phoenix, according to Bankrate.com's first ranking of the best cities for retirement.

In a report released Monday, the publisher of finance content ranked 172 cities after considering factors that most affect the quality of life for adult adults. Those factors included weather, crime rate, cost of living, healthcare quality, tax burden, walkability, and personal well-being for seniors.

The Phoenix metro area came out on top due to its weather and high well-being score. The five worst places for retirement are New York City, Little Rock, Ark., New Haven, Conn., Buffalo, N.Y., and Newark, N.J.

“Deciding where to retire is a very personal choice,” said Bankrate.com research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn. “We ranked the cities on factors that matter most to seniors, but recognize that every city has its pros and cons that will be shaped by each individual’s personal experiences.”

Kahn told The Huffington Post that he was surprised how well the middle of the country did -- specifically Des Moines and Franklin, Tenn. "They're not exactly considered to be retirement hotspots and yet if you look at the scores, they could make a great landing spot for someone looking to relocate," he said.

Of course, other evaluations have come up with different suggestions for retirement. Forbes' list of 20 top foreign retirement spots in 2015 includes places like Australia and Colombia. And the Milken Institute's best cities for successful aging placed Madison, Wisconsin as number one.

Meanwhile, check out the list of 10 best cities below. Which place would you retire? Let us know in comments.

Franklin, Tennessee
With about 66,000 people, Franklin offers a wealth of historical attractions as well as a quaint downtown area.
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Colorado Springs, which offers low taxes and high quality healthcare, is situated near the base of Pikes Peak.
Cape Coral -- including Fort Myers, Florida
Brad Matthews/Flickr
Fort Myers, known for its beaches, fishing and shopping, is a major tourist destination. Cape Coral is largely a bedroom community for nearby Fort Myers.
Austin, Texas
Known for its pleasant climate, Austin is not only the state capital, but it also bills itself as the "live music capital of the world."
Denver -- including Aurora
Larry Johnson/Flickr
Boasting 300 days a year of sunshine, Denver offers low taxes and a thriving cultural scene.
Des Moines, Iowa
Aaron Landry/Flickr
With about 207,000 people Des Moines boasts a low cost of living and low crime rates.
Tucson, Arizona
With low taxes and great weather, Tucson is located in the Sonoran Desert and is surrounded by various mountain ranges.
Prescott, Arizona
With an average temperature of 70 degrees, Prescott is rich with history and is known for its wide range of outdoor activities.
Arlington/Alexandria, Va.
Located just by Washington, D.C., the Arlington/Alexandria area offers loads of historical attractions and boasts a highly educated population.
Phoenix Metro Area (including Mesa and Scottsdale)
Not only does it offer low crime and low taxes, Phoenix also has great weather and is the gateway to the Grand Canyon.

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