The Best Handmade Mother’s Day Gifts On Etsy

Support small and local businesses with these gifts to entertain, relax and surprise any mom this Mother's Day.

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Shoppers continue to rely on the small business and creators who power&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">Etsy</a>&nbsp;for those important moments when an out-of-the-box gift just won&rsquo;t do.
Shoppers continue to rely on the small business and creators who power Etsy for those important moments when an out-of-the-box gift just won’t do.

Consider this your warning: Mother’s Day 2020 is on May 10.

Maybe you’ve typically surprised your mom with a spa gift card or dinner out at a new restaurant. Unfortunately, Mother’s Day is probably going to look quite a bit different this year.

What hasn’t changed is that personalized gifts are a great option. The popularity of customizable gifts explains why shoppers continue to rely on the small business and creators who power Etsy for those important moments when an out-of-the-box gift just won’t do.

In fact, some of the top Etsy search trends in the month leading up to Mother’s Day last year included one-of-a-kind handmade gifts like personalized cutting boards, personalized infinity bracelets and initial necklaces, according to Etsy’s resident trend expert, Dayna Isom Johnson.

Gifts to help your mom pass the time in self-isolation productively and creatively are also a good option. Etsy has seen a 37% increase in searches for DIY kits, like tie-dye kits and embroidery kits, in the last three months. Gardening kits also top the list of Mother’s Day 2020 gift ideas. Starting an herb garden or growing house plants is an easy and fun way to bring the outdoors.

“With people spending more time at home than ever, DIY kits and activities are becoming popular gift ideas, especially ones that can involve the whole family – whether in-person or virtually,” Johnson told HuffPost Finds.

If your mom is far away this year and you can’t be with her this Mother’s Day, Johnson said a surprise care package might make her feel closer to you.

Consider building a spa-themed basket to remind her to take a moment for herself, or make an activity-themed basked filled with everything she needs to learn a new skill ― like embroidery or candle making ― or show off a hobby she already loves. (Bonus points if it’s something you can do together on FaceTime!)

“Our loved ones deserve something extra-special now more than ever,” Johnson said.

We have to agree. That’s why we’ve rounded up a handful of the best handmade Mother’s Day gifts you can find on Etsy.

Take a look:

An excuse to gather around the dinner table
Find this KJ Pottery Dinnerware Set starting for $100 on Etsy.
A way to grow some green indoors
This microgreens seed-starting kit has everything you need to grow some greens. Find it for $40 on Etsy.
A timeless linen jumpsuit
Find this notPERFECTLINEN long wrap linen jumpsuit for $112 on Etsy.
A cheesemaking kit that's anything but cheesy
Find this Mozzarella & Ricotta Cheese Kit for $29 on Etsy.
Encourage their art
This monogrammed palette and paint water cup holds your brush and has plenty of space for mixing. Find it for $68 on Etsy.
This pretty and practical phone purse
Find this Vaultskin Crossbody iPhone Case and Wallet for $156 on Etsy.
A family portrait where everyone looks good
Find this custom cross-stitch family portrait for $52 on Etsy.
A way to remember their favorite recipes
Find this handwritten recipe pie pan for $75 on Etsy.
A set of linen sheets
Find this BeaLinen Stonewashed Linen Duvet Cover starting at $130 on Etsy.
A candle-making kit
This DIY kit comes with glass containers, essentials oils, dried flowers and everything you need to make your own candle. Find it for $33 on Etsy.
These custom gardening tools
Find this personalized garden tool set for $63 on Etsy.
This cute keychain for new moms
Find this personalized photo keyring for $38 on Etsy.
A way to level up bath time
Find this wooden bath caddy for $190 on Etsy.
A map of their heart
This map displays the locations of all her kids. Find it for $25 on Etsy.
A custom necklaces
Find this personalized family necklace for $37 on Etsy.
A best-selling candle to soothe the senses
Find this stone fruit candle for $28 on Etsy.
A custom frame for their fur baby
Find this "Who Rescued Who?" personalized frame for $19 (currently on sale for $13) on Etsy.
A way to bring bath time and tea time together
Choose three bags in scents like lavender, jasmine and lemongrass. Find it for $28 on Etsy.
A crystal necklace for good vibes
Find this pendant necklace for $41 on Etsy.
A way to display their green babies
Find this white hanging indoor planter for $39 on Etsy.