Bill Maher Slams Obama, Oil Companies After Gulf Coast Oil Spill (VIDEO)

Bill Maher slammed President Obama Friday for supporting a repeal of the moratorium on offshore oil drilling.

During the panel segment on "Real Time," Maher pointed to the Gulf Coast oil spill and wondered why less than a month ago, President Obama proposed lifting the ban on offshore oil drilling along much of the East Coast.

While the president's proposal was part of a larger climate bill, for Maher, it was an unecessary concession to Republicans.

"I understand politics is the art of the compromise and all that," Maher said. "But you know, when you compromise on something like that, that's a bridge too far to me, as a supporter."

He went on to compare oil companies to banks that were too big to fail and suggested higher taxes for oil companies that will reflect the real cost of oil.

Maher: Oil companies are worse than banks. They're also too big to fail. And their cost to society is also, just like the banks, too great for society to sustain it.

I started to talk about this with John over there. The International Center for Technology Assessment did a study of the hidden cost on a gallon of gasoline. And this was years ago, when gas was about a dollar a gallon. And because of things like defense of the Middle East, regulatory oversight, pollution cleanup, oil industry tax subsidies, it was about $15 a gallon. I don't think people realize that. So 'tax, baby, tax' maybe is what we should do with the oil companies.

But Obama and oil companies weren't the only villains in Maher's debate.

During the course of the conversation, New York Times columnist Ross Douthat called out Sen. Ted Kennedy for opposing a wind farm off of Cape Cod. When Chris Matthews came to the late senator's defense, Maher pounced.

Matthews: Teddy is great. Teddy was great.

Maher: Teddy was, well...

Matthews: He was defending the home turf. The fact is that we got wind farms done...

Maher There are certain things that are unforgiveable. One is what Roman Polanski did. And one is what Teddy Kennedy did. That's my view.

Matthews: I just don't know what happened. So you know more than what I know.

Maher: Well, you know what happened at Chappaquiddick. And you know what Roman Polanski did.

Matthews: Do you? Do you know what happened? I don't know.

Maher: You don't know what happened at Chappaquiddick?

Matthews: No, I don't know what happened. What happened?

Maher: The car went into the river and ten hours later, he reported it.

That's right. He was too late. You're right. You got a point there. But I think this wind farm thing...


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