Bill Nye Fiercely Defends His ‘Science Guy’ Nickname

"I took six semesters of calculus, is that enough? Is that enough?"

Bill Nye is the Science Guy ― and he won’t hear anyone say otherwise.

On Monday’s “Late Show,” the television presenter passionately defended his scientific credentials after host Stephen Colbert referenced online “chatter” that he’s not actually a scientist.

“Everybody, I’m a mechanical engineer, it’s physics, for four years, it’s physics,” said Nye, the host of ’90s kids TV show “Bill Nye the Science Guy” and Netflix’s new “Bill Nye Saves the World” series.

“I’m sorry, I took six semesters of calculus. Is that enough? Is that enough?” he added.

Nye also told Colbert exactly why he participated in last month’s “March for Science” and explained why it was necessary to send such an important message to President Donald Trump’s administration.

Check out the full interview above.