Black Woman Says Ex-Boyfriend Became More Racist During Trump Campaign

Her white ex said black people can go to Africa if they don’t like Trump.

A Rhode Island woman has opened up about the racist abuse she says she endured at the hands of her Trump-supporting boyfriend. According to 25-year-old Madison Amelia, her ex-boyfriend, Chris, became more and more racist over the course of President-elect Donald Trump’s campaign. 

On Nov. 9, Amelia posted a video to the Facebook group Brown Girl Squad that shows her boyfriend of three years going on a racist rant against the Black Lives Matter movement. 

“What Trump should do, the second he’s elected, give all you motherf***kers tickets back,” Chris can be heard saying in the video.

“You don’t like it? Peace! Black Lives Matter? Go matter to f**king Ghana.”

 When Amelia asks if he realizes that he sounds racist, her boyfriend replies: “Maddie, I don’t care.” 

The horrifying video, which Amelia recorded without Chris’ knowledge in July, has received over 790,000 views on Facebook. According to Amelia, who identifies as a Republican but couldn’t bring herself to vote for Trump, Chris had been mentally, verbally and physically abusive towards her during their three-year relationship. 

His behavior became worse, though, as Trump’s presidential campaign gained steam, Amelia claimed in a separate video posted by BuzzFeed News on Nov. 28. 

“I wanted to make sure that I was posting it, for it to be informational. For it to help people,” Amelia told BuzzFeed.

“To see the side of Trump supporters that do exist. I’m not saying all Trump supporters are racist. But they all gave the pass on racism,” she added.

Amelia says she left her boyfriend shortly after recording the video

“I wanted people to know that there is so much love on the other side of an abusive relationship,” she wrote on Facebook. “It’s scary to leave, but well worth it.”




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