Brad And Angelina's Charity: Couple Gave Over $8M In One Year

Brad And Angelina's Charity: Couple Gave Over $8M In One Year

It's all good news for fans of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie . They gave a lot of money away in 2006, it's all documented, and none of it went to any cult religions or crazy organizations.

According to the first federal filing for the Jolie Pitt Foundation, the couple put over $8 million into their tax free instrument. Pitt put in $4,402,317. Jolie donated $4,123,613.

So you see, all that talk about them making charitable donations? It was true after all. What a relief. For once, there's a happy ending.

Their first years' donations totaled a whopping 2,367,935. The biggest amounts were $1 million apiece to Doctors Without Borders (International Division) and to Global AIDS Alliance.

The smaller grants went to Namibia Red Cross Action Program ($137,935) which is nice since the couple caused chaos there when camped out during the birth of baby Shiloh; $100,000 to the Daniel Pearl Foundation (the couple made the movie "A Mighty Heart" about Pearl, this was a sop to his widow, Marianne, who Jolie played); another $100,000 to Global Green USA and to the Epidermolysis Bulloma Medical Research Foundation, $5,000 each to two orphanages visited by Jolie, and $20,000 to an art park in Los Angeles.

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