Burger King Flame-Grills Kanye West Over His Love For McDonald's

BK trolled the rapper over his declaration for the rival burger chain.

You’re either with Burger King or against it.

Just ask rapper Kanye West, who the fast-food company flame-grilled on Twitter after he professed his love for rival burger chain McDonald’s.

It began Sunday with this typical tweet from Ye, who has raised eyebrows in recent months with his staunch support of President Donald Trump and his subsequent announcement he was distancing himself from politics.

West’s endorsement of the Golden Arches wasn’t actually much of a surprise. Who can forget his 2016 poem about the eatery?

Anyway, Burger King fired back with this whopper of a tweet:

It referenced West’s claim that his “eyes are now wide open” when it comes to politics. Burger King’s U.K. Twitter account then joined in with the fun:

West hasn’t responded, but BK’s trolling was met with much mirth online: