Kanye West

A representative for the rapper said an unidentified man assaulted Bianca Censori, Ye's wife.
A former employee has accused the rapper of creating a hostile work environment at Donda Academy in Southern California.
The Donda rapper slammed the school that he claims is "for celebrities that are used by 'the system.'"
The controversial rapper weighed in after one Swift fan's call to "block him from the top spot" on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.
The late-night host has a fact-check for the former president.
The heavy metal legend declared, "I want no association with this man."
The late night host had some pointed words about the controversial rapper’s public outbursts against Jewish people.
The rapper, now known as Ye, issued the apology after going on yet another antisemitic tirade.
Fans are pissed that the album's release date has been moved again.
The reality star showed love to Bobby Naugle for the unique merch and said he "asked for nothing in return."