Kanye West

Political experts warn that African Americans don't vote for candidates just because they are Black.
“At this time, Kanye 2020 has no further option than to regrettably withdraw from New Jersey," a Kanye 2020 email said late Monday.
The secretary of state's office has 10 days to verify if they are all from registered Arkansas voters.
The rapper tweeted to his wife over the weekend, acknowledging that he hurt her in a series of many since-deleted and cryptic tweets he sent last week.
Knowing the best way to show your support can be hard. This advice from mental health experts can help.
“You can hate someone’s actions or opinions without contributing to stigma,” said the “Without Me” singer, who is open about her bipolar diagnosis.
Here's a guide to consider before tweeting or talking about a public figure's mental health. (Hint: It doesn't involve memes.)
For the first time, the reality TV star and mogul talked publicly about her husband's struggles in an effort to combat "the stigma and misconceptions of mental health."
Rapper Kanye West ranted about the Underground Railroad conductor Harriet Tubman, claiming she never actually freed slaves.
West delivered a lengthy monologue in South Carolina at his first event since declaring himself a presidential candidate.