Kanye West

The rapper gifted his wife a hologram of her father Robert Kardashian, who died in 2003.
The rapper collected an estimated 60,000 votes, including 10,000 in Tennessee.
One Twitter user snarkily remarked, "What a waste of your vote."
He's the "most genius man in the whole world," says Kanye's hologram birthday gift to his wife.
"Please be responsible," actor pleads as she drops off her own ballot early in West Hollywood.
The rapper accused "Saturday Night Live" of pitting Black people against Black people.
The Skims founder also gave a glimpse into caring for Kanye West during his COVID-19 fight, when she changed "his sheets with gloves and a face shield."
Wisconsin's Supreme Court gave election officials the go-ahead to proceed with absentee ballots without the Green Party candidate or Kanye West on them.
Two high-stakes legal battles involving the Green Party and Kanye West are threatening to delay absentee ballots.